Recommend Course

With all you can drink! Kuroge Wagyu beef course

The popular course that you can enjoy easily carefully selected A5 ranked Kuroge Wagyu beef.Including lots's of menu such as comparing the taste of Kuroge Wagyu beef's Yukhoe and steak, beef sushi, and our popular menu "drinkable hamburger".In the menu of all you can drink, you can choose also like premium MALT'S and Santory's whiskey soda! We accept the order gladly without reservation on the day.

Course fee
6,578 yen per person
Number of items
9 items
Number of people available
From 2 people ~
  • 12 types of vegetable Italian salad
  • Appetiser of the day
  • Kuroge Wagyu Beef's Yukhoe
  • Specialty! Drinkable hamburg steak
    (ponzu mixed with grated daikon radish, or demiglace sauce)
  • Caprese of fruit tomato
  • Kuroge Wagyu Beef lean steak
  • Kuroge Wagyu Beef well marbled Steak
  • Meat sushi
  • Today's dessert


  • The orders for course will be the number of people.
  • Our shop uses "Nanatsuboshi" rice from Hokkaido.
  • For those with weak resistance to food poisoning such as children, elderly people, pregnant women, please do not eat raw meat.
  • The use of all seats and all you can drink is limited for 120 minutes from reservation time (LO 90 minutes).